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Valedictory Function @ St Francis of Assisi School
Deep in the Earthís Crust I found you,
Wrapped with clusters of talents and skills within you,
You were the precious diamond, the world never knew,
As time passed, knowledge enlightened in you as you grew,
Sparkle brightly like sapphire blue,
These are our wishes and blessings to you.

The 46 out-going class X students of St. Francis of Assisi school were overwhelmed with emotions of sorrow and unhappiness to depart from Alma Mater. On February, 2nd 2019, a fabulous farewell was organised to these diamonds of our school. Rev. Fr. Ajit Rodrigues OFM Cap., Japan Missionary, the chief guest, Fr. RaviRajesh OFM Cap., Vice Principal of Trinity School, Udupi, the guest of honour, Fr. Arun Lobo OFM Cap., the president of the Valedictory function along with 46 outgoing students were set a red carpet welcome to the dais with the school band . A warm welcome was highly extended to the children by blasting paper crackers and presenting a memento with a flower as a mark of love and salutations. Assisi choir invoked Lordís blessings upon the programme through their devotional prayer song. Colourful and stunning performances from class, Nursery to IX were beautifully staged by the children. Your unique abilities, mastery over the English language, skilful ideas and knowledge may shoot out to the world like thunder in the ears, were the words well described by Rev. Fr. Ajit in his speech. Five Academic Excellence awards were presented to the achievers of the 2017-2018 ICSE board examinations and out-standing performance of Master Bharath Choudari for scoring 100 marks in Mathematics and Master Rahul Balikai in Physical Education, specially honoured by school. Leadership was my tag, by abiding it I fulfilled my responsibilities at its best, now itís time to surrender my task to you to the rest. With this motto the lightened torch was handed over by SPL to the DSPL of the school. A voyage which began always needs to end, itís really hard to depart from friends and the embraced hands who taught us to read, write and play. With sorrowful eyes and feelings of gratitude class X students hymned in a choir with candles lit in their hands. At the end, St. Francis of Assisi school staff greeted adieu to the 46 precious diamonds by wishing them BETTER FUTURE AHEAD.
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Winter Camp @ Assisi, Chikodi
St Francis of Assisi school organized three days camp for V to IX standard students. St Vincent De Paul brothers from Kengeri, Bangalore were the resource persons. Variety of activities and games were conducted in order to develop and build in children team spirit, unity, leadership qualities, self-confidence and universal values. ĎLife is beautiful, it is worth living, we need to live fully and have to enjoy every moment of our life,í was highlighted through the camp. 132 students participated and were divided into four groups, they were given group and individual tasks, to unveil the hidden talents, creativity and potentiality that is underlying in them. Children enjoyed and learnt lots of lessons to their life.
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You can heal yourself @Assisi, Chikodi
An educational session was conducted by the inspirational speaker, Dr. Rajendra Sallagare on adolescence and challenges faced by the teenagers in their life. A survey test was conducted previously to the classes of VIII, IX and X. Calculating and aggregating the survey result, an educational seminar was organised by doctor. Brain controls all the functions of the body, itís up to individuals, how to respond to the informationís received. Managing Stress, anxiety, depression and living healthy, apart from hobbies, setting and accomplishing ones professional career goal, cultivating good human mannerisms in society, building and enjoying with the good peer group, focussing on studies rather than indulging oneself in fights and relationships, understanding the biological stages of life and maintaining related distance from unhealthy habits, to overcome fear by facing life bravely to step the stone of success. These were some of the best points highlighted in the two hours session.
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Assisi Elevated
St. Francis of Assisi School was elevated by 100% result of X Std Students, who appeared for the ICSE examination 2018. Bharat Choudhari topped the school with 94.44%. He also scored 100 marks in Mathematics. Rahul Balekai scored 100 Marks in PHE. Thus, School secured 27 distinctions, 16 first class and 3 second class. We congratulate all the students for their hard efforts and teachers for their interest in the students and subjects.


It was a felt need that a school should be opened by the capuchin Friars Service Society in Belgaum district. A suitable place was found in Chikodi Taluk for the same. It was in 2004 St. Francis of Assisi School was opened in Chikodi as a unit of CFSS. With the permission from the block education officer on 25/09/2004 a kannada medium school was started under the name St. Francis of Assisi School, Mirjikodi. Having upgraded to the next standard gradually the school reached 5th std in 2007.

There is only one Education, and it has only one goal: the freedom of the mind. Anything that needs an adjective, be it civics education, or socialist education, or Christian education, or whatever-you-like education, is not education in the general sense, as it can have different goals. The very existence of modified "educations" is testimony to the fact that their proponents cannot bring about what they want in a mind that is free.


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